Top 5 Wind Energy Solution Companies in Europe - 2020

Top 5 Wind Energy in Europe - 2020

\\\\ Top Wind Energy Solution Companies in Europe - 2020 \\\\

\\\\\\\\\\ Top Wind Energy Solution Companies in Europe - 2020 \\\\\\\\\\

  • ESPE

    ESPE designs and installs reliable green energy systems: photovoltaic solutions, hydroelectric power plants, small wind turbines, biomass-based micro cogeneration systems, highly energy efficient solutions that integrate the production of clean electricity with the heating and air conditioning systems of the building.ESPE is the first Energy System Integrator of Veneto (Venice area) and one of the top five in Italy: we research, design and build green "turnkey" solutions in residential, commercial, industrial and Public Administration contexts.

    Matteo Vecchiato,CEO

    Schiller Park, Illinois
  • ABN Wind Energy

    The ABN AMRO Sustainable Impact Fund has a commitment of EUR 425m, funded and managed by ABN AMRO, which is invested through direct investments (Private Equity and Venture Capital) in the following transition sectors

  • Brüel & Kjær Vibro

    Brüel & Kjær Vibro (B&K Vibro) is one of the world‘s largest independent suppliers of machinery protection and condition monitoring systems for rotating and reciprocating industrial machinery, such as pumps, turbines, compressors, motors, generators and gearboxes. Our offering comprises hardware, software, sensors and all of the required services, training, and consulting to install, use, and apply our solutions.


    LEITWIND designs, builds and installs wind turbines with direct drive permanent magnet synchronous generators. Simple solutions, which have demonstrated extreme reliability in every situation.LEITWIND is part of the High Technology Industries (HTI) group, which also includes the brands LEITNER (rope transport systems), PRINOTH (snow groomers and multi-purpose tracked vehicles), DEMACLENKO (snowmaking systems), AGUDIO (material transport systems), POMA (rope transport systems) and MINIMETRO (rail ropeways).

  • Scopito

    Scopito is proud to be leading in the field of visual inspection data-management. We are passionate about simplifying complex work-processes, and making inspection analysis and reporting fast and easy. Our software can be used within a wide range of areas, but we specialize in Wind turbine inspections, Solar PV inspections, Transmission & Distribution inspections, Rooftop inspections and Building inspections. We also work with the best in the business, to analyze your data efficiently, using the best aspects of both Artificial Intelligence and industry expert analysis.